Queen Monster is playing Promoter and Artiste

Heavily pregnant South African based singer Vanesah Nanyonjo aka Queen Monster who we reported last week that she was impregnated by her promoter is seeing another singer, we can confirm. Monster is timing the Ugandan based promoter Herbeiking who we sad is the father of the unborn baby with another artiste like a delicious side meal.

Queen Monster is preggars
Queen Monster is preggars

Sources say Nanyonjo, a S. African based singer cum fashion designer is actually not sure of the dude responsible for her pregnancy because she has concurrently been swallowing both her promoter and another Ugandan based singer.

Although the name of the singer has been kept a top secret snoops say he is an R&B artiste who has been upcoming for the last five years.

Queen Monster is seeing Herbeiking alongside another man

It should be remembered that before she flew to Cape Town, S. Africa where she stays now, she was married to a Ugandan businessman and the couple had two children.

She has since dumped the father of her two kids and hooked up her promoter and another artiste.

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