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Profiles of 2018 Top Ten Finalists of Rising Woman

dfcu Bank in partnership with Monitor Publications Limited’s (MPL) flagship brand Daily Monitor and Uganda Investment Authority-UIA, have just concluded a nationwide three-phase initiative dubbed Rising Woman under the theme ‘Taking your Business Ahead’. The objective of the initiative is to recognize, celebrate and promote a culture of mentorship among women entrepreneurs in Uganda.

At least eight hundred (800) women entrepreneurs have benefited from the business training conducted in different parts of the country since July. One hundred (100) women entrepreneurs have taken part in an Exhibition intended to provide women in business a platform to show case their products and services and share knowledge with other entrepreneurs.

As part of the initiative, a call for the submission of business proposals was made. The Business proposal writing competition was aimed at giving women an opportunity to articulate their business ideas in writing and win partial funding for the same. A total of over eighty 80 business proposals were submitted and independently vetted from which twenty (20) businesses had a chance to vie for the top ten (10) spots.

On Friday evening dfcu bank, Daily Monitor and UIA recognized and awarded three women entrepreneurs with cash prizes of up to UGX 30,000,000 million and an all-expense paid study tour trip to Nairobi after emerging victorious in the highly competitive proposal writing competition.

  1. Krystal ice limited

More than 32,000 people are involved in horticulture production while an approximate 12,000 are involved in the fruit industry. However, 80% of fruits and vegetables are wasted because of their perishable nature. Out of the desire to increase a longer shelf life for fruits, Lynette Akol started Krystal Ice Limited with a vision to provide market for small holder farmers fruits as raw materials for frozen fruit ice pops.

These linkages between agricultural productivity, value chain development, health and nutrition will not only guarantee more employment opportunities for this limited liability company but also cement Uganda’s vision of Buy Uganda, Build Uganda.

  1. Cradle Care Mobile Application 

Working mothers often struggle with the decision to return to work leaving their children in the care of child minders after maternity leave. Driven by the passion to see a Uganda where women succeed at the workplace while enjoying motherhood, Manuela Pacutho Mulondo opened the Cradle Child Care Centre in 2014.  4 years later, Uganda’s first 24hr child care centre has scaled its business to the Cradle Care Mobile App.

Manuela Pacutho Mulondo

Since 2014, the Cradle has impacted more than 500 middle class working families in Kampala and employs more than 100 women.

Get in touch with The Cradle through this link

  1. Kalaa mugosi

The social, economic religious & cultural hardships encountered by both young rural women and the girl child in Sironko district compelled Sandra Nakayenze into formation of Kalaa Mugoosi Women Empowerment Limited.

This cooperative targets coffee farmers as a weapon for social economic transformation for the women & young mothers. The 22-year-old seeks to provide employment opportunities and hope to the community of Sironko while pursuing its dream of production of the highest quality Arabica coffee. With 1200 members and still counting, Kalaa Mugoosi is indeed creating more opportunities for women in Eastern Uganda

  1. Niecy Investments Ltd

Having received a blessing of twins, Barbara’s juice business was greatly affected in 2015 as the maternity leave took its toll on her.  But she never lost her passion for what she knew she could do best.  With no working capital, she registered Niecy Investments Limited and began selling at her friend’s retail shop.  With determination to continue she tried fruit farming, which failed due to drought.  Her breakthrough came in March 2018 when she received a grant of 5,000,000/- from her neighbour as start-up capital. With that push, family and friends raised 10M – with which she resumed production and supplies in the major supermarkets of Kampala. Barbra envisages a future where she’ll acquire raw materials to process fruit pulp, juice processing, packaging and marketing.

  1. Commercial African Aquaponics

Having conducted a 7-year research to prove that aquaponics can be profitable, Commercial African Aquaponics opened its doors into the business world of fish farming to produce high quality seed fish for ponds, tanks and cages. They strongly believe in training the community through sharing knowledge of low cost sustainable & profitable commercial aquaponics in their backyards which will greatly aid in the alleviation of poverty and food insecurity.

This 7-year-old business plans to install demo systems, expand into commercial aquaponics hatchery and install large commercial systems.

  1. Kintu PVC Green Houses

Founded by a group of women, Kintu PVC Green Houses aims at empowering women financially through sustainable partnerships and market access. Using PVC materials to set up green houses, levels of poor nutrition and food insecurity will reduce across Uganda.

With just one year, Kintu PVC Green Houses plans to set up a workshop to skill more people on PVC greenhouse building.

  1. Areg-Agro Food (U) Ltd

An agro bio business dealing in organic foods and products with no preservatives or chemical additives, Aregi –Agro Food U Ltd has been in operations since 2011.  It aims at adding value to domestically and organically produced vegetables and fruits by transforming a product from its original state to a more valuable state.

  1. Mukisa Maize Mill

In 2013 a group of vulnerable women in Kayunga District, united by the hardship of widowhood and desire to improve the livelihoods of their families, took steps to emancipate themselves. Mrs. Lubwama offered a maize mill (Mukisa Maize Mill) as a starting point.  The women now work with 20 maize out growers and have formed partnerships with the smallholder farmers.

This five-year business is planning to acquire more land, increase out growers and mechanize production consequently expanding their market to DRC, Rwanda and Sudan.

  1. Batenga enterprises

A home grown family business dealing in only genuine auto spare parts for Toyota, Mitsubishi, Nissan etc, Batenga Enterprises aims at educating various stakeholders creating a focus on auto care concierge services, This spare parts dealership that has been in business since 2003 offers a select range of automotive services and products to car owners. Batenga Enterprises plans to automate the auto services to allow delivery of spare parts and repair.

  1. Youth Serve limited

Following a series of interactions with their clients, Youth Serve limited (a youth driven company) realised that there was a big challenge of market acquisition – This led them to their quest of improving visibility and access to market among youths

This community based organisation wants transformation through youth and enterprise engagements to create opportunities and plans to enhance network growth, development and administrative costs that run the organisation.

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