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Pictorial: Who rocked the day on social media platforms

Check out today’s stunning photos from our slayers on social media.

Barbie Alokiss
Dubai based Supermodel today woke up in slaying moods and spiced up our morning.

Bukenya Zasha
When it comes to slaying, Zasha is a queen at it. Check for yourself.

Daphine Tusiime
This week she decided to give us nonstop flow of pictures. She is truly on form these days.

Sasha Ferguson
Oh wow she is spicing up the social media. She is never a bore when it comes to photos.

Nana Weber
She is more than a queen and the most entertaining socialite. You can never get bored when you follow her, stunning photos and videos.

Asma Uwase
These days she is busy with her online restaurant ‘Fresh Ug’ but this has not stopped her from slaying.

Prim Asiimwe
Radio personality and Alex Muhangi’s best friend showed up and today we enjoyed the pose.

Maggie Kiyingi
This Actress and fashionista never disappoints when it comes to slaying. Here she goes again!!

Rahmah Mbabazi
We thank her for being consistent on a daily basis. Keep it up Lucky!!

Natasha Sinayobye
She is so photogenic, we enjoy her poses. Good to have her on this page.

Chanty Lixy
She decided to slay with her hubby and they looked great together.

Angella Katatumba
Diva Angella is also enjoying being in front of cameras these days.

Keysha Stella
She has style and truly looks stunning in every pose. She is back again on our pages rocking.

Hamisa Mobetto
The Tanzanian queen of social scene could not miss out on our list.

Doreen Kabareebe
The supermodel is back in full swing. She is here to slay and you won’t stop her any time soon.

Sheilat Mulungi
Kampala’s most amazing queen on social scene. Popularly known as Quin Ov Hearts, she is one lady who knows how to slay. We welcome her.

Judith Heard
A queen is always a queen. She has slayed and not about to give up. Rolling on, we salute her!!!

Shaddy Boo
From our neighbors Rwanda, we bring queen of slaying Shaddy Boo. She has a fine game.

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