Photos: A Grand Comeback for Smirnoff with Edgy Nyege Nyege Experience

Photos: A Grand Comeback for Smirnoff with Edgy Nyege Nyege Experience

The last time Smirnoff was in the news was in August and September of 2019 with the first Malembe Block Party and the Nkozi Fresh Bite Bossa Bash.

The brand – known for its flavourful variety of drinks – however, made a grand return during the Nyege Nyege Festival at Itanda Falls in Jinja.

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A crew from Kenya showing their edge

The Smirnoff Nyege Nyege Experience at the festival was lit and draped in the vibrant red of Smirnoff Red Ice and featured a stage and dancefloor area where revellers had ample and picturesque space to enjoy the different sets being played by the lineup of diverse and talented DJs.

Even the rainmaker joined in the fun at the Smirnoff Nyege Nyege Experience

DJ KashPro, Mac DJ, DJ Bugy, DJ Virtual, House DJ and Calvin From Bantu Vibes did their thing on the decks so well that at some point, the Smirnoff Experience had pulled more party goers than the Bell Lager and Uganda Waragi stages.

Friends playing Jenga at the Smirnoff Nyege Nyege Experience

Also part of the experience was a beach-themed chill area for people to relax and enjoy some intimate group games like Jenga. The MCs – MC Hypeman and MC Casmir – both did an amazing job of giving the crowd the hype needed to party sufficiently.

Judie Nandekya, Smirnoff’s Brand Manager, said, “As a brand, we tailor our experiences for consumers looking to unleash their free spirit and the essence that gives them an edge in life and as they have a good time. And Nyege Nyege was the perfect opportunity for us to do exactly that for those unafraid to live life with a bit of flavour.”

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