Pastor Ssenyonga abandons elderly auntie

Pastor Ssenyonga abandons elderly auntie

With the family house in Kituntu, Butambala district almost collapsing and the aunt who baby seated pastor Ssenyonga dying unheped , the family members are questioning the curse they are under going as the man of God looks on.

The immediate family members are now seeking help from well wishers to help them save the situation by treating mzee Keeti Kitta 81 who raised pastor Jackson Ssenyonga from the age of four when his mother late Ritah Nakalema separated with the poligamous father.

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“Our jjajja Kitta is helpless. She is locked out side the small house belonging to a grand relative in Kanaaba for security reasons. She is sick and can’t manage her self. She craws around like a baby but it shouldn’t be her to safer that way having raised our uncle pastor Ssenyonga” cried one of the relative.
When this writer visited the old woman, she was regrating her efforts raising Ssenyonga.

She said she is the one who kept all the family tittles until 2006 when the pastor asked her to pass them to him for protection.

” I went with Ssalongo Kityo one of the successor and owner ” she says.

Kitta lives a miserable life and some members now seek any well wisher to help her in any possible way.
A neighbor said that some times she behaves as if possessed crawling around the village pathes when left alone.

Another relative to both Ssenyonga and Kitta, ssaalongo Kityo Paul Katetemera 40, said the whole family is now stuck in burdens.

He said he withessed his grandmother Miss Kitta hand over their tittles and regrets why he didn’t smell a rat by then.

He said the land tittles of family land with a collapsing house where ssei him self was born in Kituntu, Butambala, another tittle in Lukaya to which Kityo is the owning successor and a third one around Lukaya were all wrongly confiscated by Ssenyonga.

” If probably we had access to our property we wouldn’t be grassing. Mind you people are encroaching on our land, electricity transmission and telephone mast contractors wanted to pay us but the man has kept our tittles maliciously” said ssaalongo Kityo who rides an old Boda Boda at Katwe.

He said he is now trying to use a lawyer to atleast get his tittles although Ssenyonga is still adamant.

” I was 13 years when I succeeded my late father and a brother to Ssenyonga, now am 40 and a ssaalongo but the pastor rejects me handkiy my own land tittle. The other tittle of the family in Kituntu which formerly belonged to Ssenyonga’s father was inherited by another grandson Jonathan Kyeyune who is a mature adult but still the pastor is withholding the tittle” narrated Kityo.

Another elder brother Noah Katabalwa but who was originally Fred Ssenyonga but dropped names over disappointment whom the pastor follows said he resorted to riding a bicycle Boda Boda around Owino maro to get a destitute’s living after Ssenyonga refused to push-start him.

” I recount how we suffered together in Katwe, Juuko zone with my brother before he became a pastor. Some white man took me to Russia to train in computers but I didn’t find a job. That’s when Ssenyonga invited me and reaching here he turned his back against me” he says.

Katabalwa said he now lives a loner with no wife or children in a rented room in Masanafu and wonders at people who say Ssenyonga is generous when he can’t help his own people.

But when contacted recently, pastor Ssenyonga told the press that it’s true he has the family tittles for a purpose.

He said those relatives who want them should follow proper family channel other than legal.

He said he fears others want to start selling that land.
On the other accusations of neglecting his own people, his phone went unanswered when contacted again

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