Partygoers throng Club Pilsener-sponsored ‘Brunch In House’ party

Partygoers throng Club Pilsener-sponsored ‘Brunch In House’ party

Over the weekend, the “Sun-El, Sun-El, Sun-El!!!” chants went on and on, and on, and on!

For those who didn’t attend the Club Pilsener-sponsored ‘Brunch In House’ event that happened at Naguru based Skyz Hotel, you missed a cocktail of lots of fun and excitement.

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With the gates opened at 11 am, revelers flocked into the venue early enough as the bright sun made lit up the professionally decorated deck.

Everyone was clearly in anticipation of the South African multi-award-winning beat-maker, producer, deejay, and songwriter, Sun-El Musician.

The people were treated to good music mixes from local deejays, and it was not hard to tell that Amapiano was the theme for the day.

While jamming to the mixes, board games and matatu were on the menu as revelers sipped away on their cold Club Pilseners whilst feasting all day long.

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