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NWSC takes over water operations in Kiko,Kabarole district

On Thursday (yesterday) officials from the Ministry of water and Environment handed over the Kiko Town Council Water Supply and Sanitation Scheme to National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) for efficient management and operation.

The project which was funded by the European Union (EU) and the Government of Uganda will benefit 15 villages of Kiko town council. The villages include; Nyabubaale, Nyabinamba, Kasojo, Makobyo, Kigarama,Kasiisi,Kimuhonde,Kiko, Kanyambeho A, Kanyambeho B, Rusenyi A, Rusenyi B, Ruteete, Imaranjara, Rutoomanteza and the surrounding areas.

Speaking at the hand over ceremony, Kabarole LC5 Vice Chairman Mrs Margaret Kihika appreciated the level of service delivery in the area and thanked the Ministry of Water and Environment and NWSC for extending clean safe water to more Ugandans.
“From this meeting, I’m going with NWSC officials to discuss more extensions for our people. We are very impressed by their effectiveness,” She said.

Kiko Town Council Mayor Ms Kemigisa Margaret applauded both teams for the good work.
“We have already started testing the water and the pressures are very good. Thank you for the good work,” she said.

NWSC Senior Manager Operations Western and South Western Region Eng Mahmood Lutaaya appreciated the Ministry of water and Environment for successfully completing the project.
He shared the Corporation’s plans to extend clean safe water to over 12,000 villages across Uganda under the #SCAP100 programme (Service Coverage Acceleration Programme) an initiative by the Government of Uganda and NWSC.

Eng Mwanje Enoch from the Ministry of Water and Environment and Manager WSDF Wetern Branch said that the project work which started in 2016 was completed in 2018.

He shared the project brief, future plans for expansion and challenges. Eng Mwanje appreciated the collaboration with NWSC.
“NWSC supported us in connecting the Kiko system water source to the NWSC water supply system in Fortportal. We shall continue to work together and provide access to safe clean water across the country.”

The project Specifications;
– 2 No. 100m3 concrete twin reservoirs
– 9 km transmission
– 401 domestic connections
– 30 institutional connections
– 8 Public stand post
– 47.7 distribution network
– 49.8 km of service lines
And a water office

Fort Portal area Manager Mr Dennis Muramuzi said that NWSC will work with the Town council to extend water to a number of villages in Kiko. He added that the new NWSC office (located at the Town council Headquarters) will be open to the Public starting Monday 21st January, 2019

The project is expected to serve over 10,000 people in Kiko area.

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