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‘No one will bring me down’ – Desire Luzinda

Singer releases thrilling ‘Kimala’ video

Curvy singer Desire Luzinda has scoffed at her haters calling them cowards and that they will not bring her down despite releasing her old nude pictures again. The singer’s nude pictures are circulating on social media but the ‘Kimala’ star said she is more than determined not to be distracted.


“When they see you shine, they bring back your past to haunt you and deem your light but sorry I am moving forward. It is okay to be afraid, In Fact, In order to be brave, you must first become afraid. True courage lies in overcoming of fear not on its absence. #KIMALA,” Desire Luzinda said.


Meanwhile the singer released the video of her latest single, ‘Kimala’. The audio of the song, produced by popular Ugandan audio music producer, Diggy Baur, was released a month ago generating positive comments from her fans.

The video was directed by Zyga Phix from Virtual Media Productions.

“Kimala” is Desire Luzinda’s first project with Team No Sleep management. The video is currently doing on all entertainment circles.

Click here to view the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EJuNru_c12w

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