Nine finalists compete for Shs 55 million in the NSSF Friends with Benefits contest

Nine finalists compete for Shs 55 million in the NSSF Friends with Benefits contest

Nine finalists have been lined up for the NSSF Friends with Benefits show. The nine, selected from a list of over 170 applicants, are competing for a grand prize of Shs. 55 million. The eventual winner will receive Shs. 30million while the 1st and 2nd runners up will receive Shs. 15 million and Shs. 10 million respectively. The finalists are Nabendah Wamoto, Suubi Akula, Boniventure Rwakira, Mary Naikumi and Alice Arinaitwe. Others are Judith Sheena Komuhangi, John Byabashaija, James Ajal, Hannington Nkayivu.

Judith Sheena Komuhangi

The NSSF Friends with Benefits show is a financial literacy edutainment initiative aimed at promoting a savings and investments culture amongst Ugandans. It profiles former NSSF members who received and invested or used their NSSF benefits to improve their lives, those of their families and even the communities they live in.

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16 stories out of the 172 entries were selected to feature on the TV show that began in January 2018, following a vigorous verification process.

Alice Arinaitwe

This year’s submissions included success stories ranging from investments in agriculture, Information technology, medicine, tourism, real estate, education and lifesaving investments. Benefits payed out to the finalists include age benefit, withdraw benefit and invalidity benefit.

Wamoto says he used his benefits to treat his son Noah who was involved in an accident and underwent a spine surgery. He is contestant number 1. Suubi, who is contestant number 2, used his benefits to restore his eyesight and invest in boda boda business to help him sustainably manage his medical condition. Contestant 3, Boniventure, bought land using his NSSF benefits and set up a nursery and primary school in Kabale district.

Mary, who is contestant number 4, says she needed urgent medical care for life threatening breast cancer. When she received her benefits from NSSF, she used the money for chemotherapy treatment, radiotherapy and surgery. She also constructed a house for her family.

Alice received her benefits after retirement from Aga Khan Primary School where she was teaching. She opened her own school, AMCA Pre-School and Day Care Center, in Bukoto. She is contestant number 5.

Contestant number 6, Judith Sheena Komuhangi, was struggling to raise money for her breast cancer treatment when she remembered she had savings with NSSF. The money helped pay part of her treatment. She then started Magnum MediTourism, an organization that helps people with life threatening diseases to seek medical treatment abroad.

John used his NSSF benefits to buy 3 acres of land where he put up a banana plantation. He also invested more in his shoe making business. He has turned his shoe business into a training centre to share his skills with students from all over the country.

James, an engineer who is also contestant number 8, received his age benefits from NSSF and bought land because he felt it was not a very risky venture. He then planted trees and also put up a kraal with an initial 17 heads of cattle. The animals have multiplied to over 100.

Nabendah Wamoto

The last contestant, Hannington, says he bought 3 tractors which he uses on him farm. He also hires out the tractors to fellow farmers.

These are the nine contestants, from whom an eventual winner will be announced live finale show to be held at Serena Hotel Kampala on Thursday 22 March, 2018. The final show will be aired on 25 March, 2018 on all major TV stations including NTV at 5.00p.m, NBS TV at 8.00pm, Urban TV -8.00 P.M, Bukedde TV – 7.30P.M and TV West – 7.00p.m. To vote for your favorite contest in the NSSF Friends With Benefits contest, dial *254# and follow the prompts or go to

NSSF pays out approximately shs22bn to qualifying members per month. According to figures released during its Annual Members Meeting held earlier in September, the Fund’s annual benefits payment increased by 16%, to shs278billion last financial year from Shs239billion paid in FY 2015/2016.

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