NBS Television trendsetters again as TV stations follow suit on Sunday prayer broadcasts

Modern problems require modern solutions, and the TV industry, amidst the coronavirus pandemic, has come to the forein this period.

With public gatherings, including church services, being suspended in a country so religious that we have God in our motto, many were earlier left debating on a way forward for their spirituality.

The suspension was announced on Wednesday, 18th March, 2020, and by Friday 20th, NBS Television, in typical fashion, had already taken the lead when they announced that they would have up to 5 different broadcasts of prayers that very next Sunday, 22nd March.

Many Ugandans were then seen online full of appreciation for the Kin Kariisa-owned TV platform, which followed this innovation up with Juma prayers the next Friday, 27th March, 2020, also widely warmly received.

This last Sunday, 29th March, 2020, they took it a notch higher, with their sister-platform, Sanyuka TV, also seen broadcasting some Luganda prayers from across Kampala, with NBS Television also carrying more.

There was also noted “coming to the party” when some of the other TV stations moved to also do prayer broadcasts on Sunday. Kudos to NBS Television for starting yet another thingthat many of their viewers have appreciated.

Below are some screenshots of Ugandans on Twitter appreciating the NBS Television initiative;

Screenshots here

The special Friday and Sunday prayer broadcasts are in addition to NBS Television’s daily special Coronavirus Updates package that airs weekdays at 4:30 pm. They have also adjusted their programming to add 30 minutes on Live@9, with the bulletin now starting at 8:30pm with even more Coronavirus updates.

Uganda currently has 33 confirmed COVID-19 cases. We need all the prayers to get through this.

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