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NBS Television nails it on Live Coverage

As technology continues to change every second, the way news is reported and consumed has significantly changed; people and media companies are now competing to report news in real-time and accurately.

Technology, mainly social media supported by smartphones, has tailored and dictated what the audience consumes. This has been so through changing their consumption trends that are influenced by what the majority audience is gravitating too.

Since the Pope’s visit in 2015, NBS TV has magnificently proved to the masses that it is tailored for LIVE coverage whether ON AIR and ONLINE. The Kamwokya based Television station has personalized its content to meet the average audience’s content.

NBS TV has gone as far as tailoring the latest events in real time through their social media platforms; something that has greatly bequeathed the media house with pillars to stand firm as David in an industry which is heavily characterized by Goliaths.

Last year, NBS TV furthermore cemented its feet in the media industry as a ‘LIVE COVERAGE’ niched station during presidential elections where they equally trailed every presidential candidate on their campaign drives across the country.

More recent, NBS TV gave other companies a run for their money when the former AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi was murdered outside his home in Kulambiro. They were the first television station to report LIVE from the crime scene; their foot-soldiers first broadcasted the mood at the crime scene through their Facebook LIVE and minutes later synched their audience to ON AIR broadcast; something that left competition biting their nails.

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