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NBS Television; A New Dynamic Duo is Live At 9!

On Monday 2nd August 2021, Canary Mugume and Isabella Tugume were unveiled as the new faces of NBS TV’s Live at 9 news bulletin. The dynamic duo was a surprise that many viewers expressed confidence that NBS TV’s prime news segment is in the most capable hands for the long term.

When Solomon Serwanjja first announced that he was leaving the Next Media family, everyone’s thoughts were who would take on Live at 9 and how they could fill those shoes. Naturally, you assume there would be a new face, and indeed there was just not as new as we expected. The newest face of the prime news bulletin ended up being two in-house individuals that have consistently represented the NBS brand at large.

Individually, Canary and Isabella are undeniable talents, anchors, and well-rounded journalists. Now, as a duo, we have our sunglasses on for how bright the future is. Both strive for excellence and have fully dedicated themselves to their craft. As a result, we have seen more responsibilities being entrusted to them. An example is how Canary came from being an investigative reporter to an interview with His Excellency, the President of the Republic of Uganda. Here they are taking on new roles they have been preparing for. Theirs is a story of trusting the process. They did the work, and now it is their time.

NBS TV continues to show us that when you put in the work, the rest handles itself. Your time is coming too!

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