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Nadia Matovu throws lavish end of the year party

 The party slogan was ‘Bringing Las Vegas To Kampala’

Thursday night was a stream of limitless fun for Kampala’s glitterati who gathered at Kampala Serena Hotel’s Victoria ballroom for a first of its kind exclusive Pop-up Club party.

Nadia Matovu (Standing Left) greeting some of her friends at the lavish party

The event, dubbed “You are not on the guest list”, was hosted by Nadia Matovu and let the city in on the true meaning of luxury and glamour with an elaborate celebration to end the year in style, featuring some of the most high-profile names on the social scene.

The event filled with charm brought together many prominent faces the biggest being South African rapper Nasty C who is in town for his own show this evening at Guvnor.

Other revelers who attended were Nadia’s hubby Yasser Matovu, Rich Gang, Malaika, Gareth Onyango, Typher Kavuma, Hannington Bugingo and many others who made merry thanks to the endless Johnnie Walker Gold Reserve premium whisky that was flowing freely.

Those with a sweeter palate went for the Ciroc cocktails. To most revelers it was agreed that this was the party of the year.

To add to the merry drinking and light moments, the night featured a number of carefully hand-picked casino games, show girls and acrobats as entertainment that were all a true marvel.

The ball room was divided into two sections; Mirage and Bellagio for the VIP and VVIP respectively which had attendees partying into the wee hours of the night with the best entertainment money can buy. In short this was Las Vegas shipped and assembled into the ballroom.

As it rained money and the alcohol flowed, the host, Nadia Matovu, a picture of charm all through the night, saw to it that her guests were well taken care of.

This was a lights, camera, drinks and games affair which no one who attended will forget about easily.

“This night will definitely go down in history as one of the country’s best parties complete with the whole Vegas theme especially since it is around the festive season. The early celebrations and festivities were surely warm, fun and memorable for everyone who attended,” said Annette Nakiyaga, Head of Luxury Portfolio, Uganda Breweries Limited.

Nadia Kabahita is a daughter to tycoon Charles Mbiire while Yasser is the son tycoon Yusuf Matovu of Youma Builders.

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas And A Happy Awesome New Year To You! 

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