N0.1 Suspect Badman Releases Wine Glass Song

After releasing the recent Ugandan hit ‘Byansi Ssemwanga’ No.1 Suspect Badman, the Reggae dancehall artist who is known for his diverseability to compose and sing in various languages as a result of his dual nationality and international exposure is about to release yet again another music video, but this time round in Kinyarwanda.


No1 Suspect Badman has recently released a new love song titled ‘Wine
Glass’ in Kinyarwanda. The audio was released a few weeks ago and is
already a hit in the Ugandan community in South Africa and in Rwanda.


The new music video directed and produced by Sasha Vibes, is already
in production mode, therefore soon to be released! Badman is also set
to tour East Africa in November and December this year, where he is
very keen on meeting up with his fans who he humbly appreciates and
holds in high esteem! The artist always re-iterates “without my fans,
I would never be where I am today”. Watch the space!

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