‘My Marriage Is Stable’ – Nameless

Kenyan singer Nameless has denied allegations that his marriage with Wahu is breaking down. Earlier today, Kenyan social media reported that the singer had filed for divorce from wife Wahu after he found out that he wasn’t the father of the couple’s second daughter.

Nameless said him and Wahu are still very much together

Nameless said him and Wahu are still very much together

Nameless through his Facebook page, released a statement claiming that his marriage with Wahu was very stable and no divorce proceedings have taken place as it were reported. Below is the singer’s official statement.

I normally don’t respond to cheap/ false gossip about me or my wife. In our business you have to be ready for it. However I will make an exception this time for two main reasons. One is because of the genuinely concerned people who want to know the truth and secondly because I think the blogger who came up with this false story about my little child and a paternity test went too far. It is sad and disappointing how far some people can go to get traffic to their blogs, to the point of creating a whole fabricated story, and more so, drag our children into this falsehood. So just to be clear, this whole story about us getting a divorce making rounds on social media is just a made up story by some blogger who wanted to trend. Funny thing about rumors such as these is that they actually make my wife and I stronger and closer, especially when some people try to attack our family. Apart from these unfortunate lies, I have a lot to be thankful for. Two beautiful healthy daughters and a strong supportive wife, amazing public support, and a career that I love. Bless!

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