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MUSIC REVIEW: Soka Lami By Naava Grey Featuring Speedy

Uganda has been blessed with very many vocal goddesses. Naava is one of blessings. Every project she has worked on talks straight to one’s inner most person. Her voice will instantly pull you in, to listen to whatever she’s singing about.1463181_379568632175946_312718782_nSoka Lami is means ‘My Love’ in Zulu; a piece she sang this song for her husband. The lyrics are specifically and carefully picked out to reaffirm her love for her man. It speaks about love in a way contrary to the normal. When I listened to this song, I fell in love with love, once again.

Speedy is another sensation altogether. When he starts to sing, it’s exactly what the ear needs to hear. We don’t understand most off what he sings about because it is in Zulu but because of the tone in which he brings it out; we just believe it is lovely.

Produced by Josh Wonder and Dking, has a very distinct South African sound. If it was not for the fact that I’m familiar with her vocals, I would have easily mistaken it for a South African diva. But the fact that she uses Ugandan lyrics sells her.

Talk about the video! She went out of her way to get a video worth the audio. The sceneries that were in the video depicted the calmness that the song itself gives. The graphics of the video are very professionally done.10801592_565079016958239_3619318911143527967_nEvery song Naava graces with her vocals manages to instantly become a success. Back from her ‘Tusker Project fame’ days, she stuns her audience by involving them in her performance with the power of her vocals. She makes it a point to set time apart before getting on to a beat, to draft down her lyrics according to her what she knows her fans want.

This song automatically joined all her other classics such as ‘Nterede’, and ‘Muloge’ . It is also at the bottom of most radio and television countdowns. If you have not yet heard this song, well then, I hope I’ve convinced you enough. Go download it and if it is worth your love, love it then share it.

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