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Reviewing A PASS’ Music

This has been 2014’s most versatile artist. I could just have chosen one of his many songs to write about but I couldn’t bring myself to choose since they are littered all over the place. So I’ve decided to write about the common factor, there artist! He came onto the scene surely but steadily. In the beginning he was known by just a few but now his songs are on every DJ’s playlist.

A Pass

A Pass

He came out with ‘Tetubatya’, a tune that took very many by surprise. It helped him breakout onto the scene. Ugandans love song that gives them a signature statement and so this caught their attention very well.

The killer did not stop at this. He made it his opportunity to go ahead and release songs like ‘Am loving’ which got a very large welcome onto the scene. It went on to attract a very serious collabo with Don MC and Cindy. I honestly believe this helped boost it even more.

A pass has mastered his art and continued feed his crowd with the best of it. He has made it a point to release a new song every fortnight on average. In just this year, he has managed to come out with more songs than some musicians that have been seated around crowding our music scene.

You don’t know, My Flair, A pass killer, Love infection, Only love, Listen to di voice, So high , So loud, Number one, Amatu magale, Tuli kubigele, Muliwa,Nyenya Omugongo,Nah Normal,Wuyo,Bartender,Teacher,and now very recently, Trouble maker where Ekky features him.

These are just some of the many he has out so far. And I hear his in studio with the sensational Lillian Mbabazi. So we have surely just started hearing from him and he ‘aint going nowhere soon’.

I for one however think that artists are rushing too fast into making collabos with him. Of course it might be a marketable strategy since he is, clearly, Uganda music’s new big thing. This is leading to half baked songs that would have sounded better, given more time. Most of the recent collabos with A pass have refused to impress to the extent they were expected to. Most of these artists have surely forgotten the time and creativity element.

As the C.E.O of Badi music Mr. A pass (Twokya) has indeed penetrated through this our speakers and has become part of our lives now. As I said before lines like “Tuli ku bigere” have now became clichés in the Ugandan vocabulary. We can’t forget to mention his producer, Neshim. I have no right to claim A pass would be nothing without him, or vice versa; but I can say they surely complement each other.

A pass has indeed been a musical wonder of the year 2014. We hope he will do it again in 2015. For now let’s go look for songs off that list we have not listened to, and prove for ourselves that he made it this year.

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