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Music Review: Kamboyine By Maro

Maro has over the years grown exponentially into a musical “Kyabazinga”. Almost all the songs he has presented to the public have blown up in one way or the other. He insisted on singing in Lusoga despite all the endless critism about the tribe. I know of very many Basoga who relate to his music and find their pride in him.11009953_1542763769309812_3612295444795515296_n
Kamboyine is another one of his Lusoga melodies that have shot up the charts at the speed of light. It has been on the scene for a while now but he just recently early this week released the video. Just like most typical Ugandan videos, its plot tells the whole story in the lyrics of the song.

The song is mainly about a boy that likes a girl but he is too shy to admit it since he thinks he is very unattractive. The village setting gives it an inclination towards a typical Ugandan village love story.

Maro being a farmer, his dream girl carrying a jerry can to the bore hole to pump water; yet Maro doesn’t even help her pump the water (typical arrogant African man) but goes ahead to woe her as she fetches, and the fact that they ate all moving with bare feet.

All said and done, I believe Maro is gradually becoming a Ugandan music sweet heart and very soon he will help clear out the indifference towards Basoga, like a true Kyabazinga. Go listen to Kamboyine, and make sure to Share it!

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