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Daphine’s Swimming Moments With Friends Cause Scrotal Eruptions At Sheraton (These Ones are Killers!)

Wow and shiver me happy timbers. Not super shy but always faptastic sexy Daphine Tusiime strips out of her light wardrobe down to her perfectly sextastic topless body in the pool moment with friends that left me immediately catatonic with joy.11147209_886538164752609_7264225661037483623_n

Daphine Tusiime just happens to be one of my favorite hottie glamour gal celebrities and while we have seen her in various states of undress before, this weekend’s masterpiece with female friends at Kampala Sheraton Hotel swimming pool is, well, masterful. They totally tortured men at the scene…..

Daphine displaying her hot thighs after a swim

Daphine Tusiime displaying her hot thighs after a swim

Daphine came into our lives a few years ago in more artsy kind of ways. But now she and her ridiculously hot body have gone on to more directly cockle warming fare, including her curvy model work and this stellar striptease bit which she posts on her Facebook and Instagram now and then.

Daphine enjoying sunbathing after a swim

Daphine enjoying sunbathing after a swim

I could live in her delicious funbags for seven seasons without every growing tired or failing to pay rent on time.Daphine Tusiime (R) poses with friends as they enjoy watersDaphine Tusiime (R) poses with friends as they enjoy waters

I’m a good tenant. Just expect lots of baths. Oh, my, how hot is Daphine Tusiime? This is happy times to the ninth degree. They really had some ridiculous enjoyable weekend. Enjoy.

Below are some of the pictorial moments at the Kampala Sheraton Poolside










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