MPs Praise Dott Services Work

Members of Parliament on Physical Infrastructure committee have praised the work done by Dott Services Limited on roads in Eastern Uganda. MPs on Physical Infrastructure Committee during a tour of Tororo-Mbale Road on FridayMPs on Physical Infrastructure Committee during a tour of Tororo-Mbale Road on Friday

The committee members while touring the roads under construction; Tororo-Mbale, Kamuli, and Mbale- Soroti on Friday said they are happy and contented with the work so far done by the construction company. “There is total improvement and good work.

They have totally impressed us and ensured quality; they have done 90% of the layer work and for that matter we are happy and really appreciate”, said Mr. Biraaro Ephraim Ganshanga (Buhweju County), the committee chairman.

He commended the people of eastern Uganda for embracing such developments by supporting Dott Services.

MPs also called on Dott Services to always have a financial capacity to be able to continue their work if the government delay to release money. Biraaro however called on UNRA to act quickly and work on bridges of these roads which was not contracted to Dott.

Three bridges were found in terrible state and they called for urgent action by UNRA. Dott Service Director Mr Maheswara Reddy said, “They were glad to see a handful of MPs come inspect, tour their sites and appreciate their work. We are happy that they have seen what we have done and agree that we are capable of doing great work contrary to what they have previously been thinking about us. We are also happy with the local people of these areas for the support they have given us”,.

He added that Tororo-Mbale will be completed by June this year while Mbale – Soroti by August.

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