Moneybags Jaguar Buys $20k Mic For Performances

East Africa and Kenya’s richest musician Jaguar is not a joking subject when it comes to spending his dollars.

Jaguar performing with his new mic

Jaguar performing with his new mic

The singer has bought microphone worth $20k approximately Kshs 2m for his performance. The moneybags singer bought the mic from the USA a few weeks a go. He has so far performed with it once in Kenya.

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Sources in Kenya say, the singer who now does some work partly for the Kenyan government has tripled his richness. “The guy is bigger now; he is in the government and travels a lot to do government duties,” a source told us.
Jaguar is a board member at N.a.c.a.d.a, a company that deals in reducing usage of drugs in Kenya.

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