Meta Celebrates Keyara Botanics in “Good Ideas Deserve to Be Found”, a Campaign the highlights African Small Business Owners

Meta has launched the ‘Good Ideas Deserve To Be Found’ campaign to highlight innovative small business owners who are using our platforms and technologies to advance their businesses.

Keyara Botanics, a Kenyan natural skincare solution brand, has been identified for recognition in this campaign as a successful online venture. In this Africa-wide campaign, Meta is seeking to spotlight innovative entrepreneurs who have progressively upscaled their businesses using technologies available on its platforms to create impact.

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The campaign has been rolled out to coincide with the festive season to raise awareness and fuel growth of local small and medium businesses by showcasing their innovative products and services. Keyara Botanics stands out for using organic raw materials ethically sourced from all over Africa to produce beauty and skincare products suitable for its African clientele.


Commenting on the launch of the campaign, Corporate Communications Manager East Africa Victoria Miguda said “We are excited to highlight Keyara Botanics in this campaign. Meta is an enabler of economic growth and we are committed to helping SMBs unlock economic opportunity by providing access to the free tools, personalised advertising, training and support they need to get their ideas found and succeed online. This campaign is a continuation of Meta’s efforts to empower small businesses with economic opportunities, ensuring they have a voice to reach customers and enabling their good ideas to be found by the right people”.

New research conducted by Ipsos and commissioned by Meta showcases how digital tools and Meta apps are crucial to small business success. 91% of SMBs in Kenya reported that they currently use at least one Meta app for their business. In Kenya,  42% of SMBs currently using at least one Meta app reported that Meta apps have helped their business hire new employees. 69% of SMBs in Kenya reported that their business currently has plans to establish greater online reach.

Keyara Botanics is owned by media personality Terryanne Chebet and was launched in 2016. It sources Shea Butter from Northern Uganda, Cocoa Butter from Ghana, Coconut Oil from Kenya, Marula Oil from South Africa and Kenya, Argan oil from Morocco and many authentic African botanicals to formulate pure and premium products such as oils, butters and scents.


“Keyara is a proudly Kenyan, organic and Natural skin care shop. All our products use Naturally sourced oils from across Africa, revoked for the healing qualities. Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Coconut oil, Macadamia Oil and Black African Soap, the list continues to grow as we continue to explore the rich wealth of Africa’s beauty. Our Keyara baby and Keyara Man brands are loved by families across the world”, the company describes itself on its Facebook page.

Commenting on the campaign, Terryanne said, “I am delighted that Keyara is being recognised by Meta for our innovative use of social media as a tool to grow our business. This is a testament to the unlimited opportunities provided by Facebook and Instagram for budding entrepreneurs to breach traditional boundaries and reach wider markets.”


SMBs represent a sizable percentage of the economic population demonstrating great potential for growth, opportunity creation, and overcoming poverty post-pandemic, there is a need to provide support through digital tools to help them scale. This campaign serves the purpose of highlighting the businesses that have been successful in leveraging Meta technologies in unlocking their growth potential.

Other businesses highlighted from Sub-Saharan Africa in this campaign include;

  • @ONEOFEACH: A South African mother and daughter design and fashion business that creates exclusive unique pieces.
  • @braveheartsexpeditions: A Ghana based travel and expedition business that organises expeditions for the modern-day explorer.
  • @1964.brand: A Nigerian based business that designs clothes for comfort and everyday use.
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