Meet the coolest Ugandan singer Grace Nakimera

Meet the coolest Ugandan singer Grace Nakimera

Many Ugandan singers are jumpy and crazy but for Grace Nakimera she does that when on stage. Grace is perhaps Uganda’s coolest singer, song writer and composer. She reserves her energy for stage performance and is regarded as the most energetic singer in Uganda when on stage.


The well behaved and calm singer started singing when she was seven years old. She would perform at talent shows in Kampala.

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When she was 18, she travelled to Rwanda and for two years and performed with the Resident Band at Milcolin Hotel in Kigali. In 2000, she returned to Kampala and joined Christ the King church choir.


In 2004, she got a big break in music. She collaborated with a singing duo Gatimo and Paragon to record “Ani Akumanyi” a song that became a super hit in Uganda. The trio won the upcoming Artists Award in the Pearl of Africa Music Awards 2004/5. She embarked on a solo career when the group split.

She has since released over 50 hits songs like “Anfuukula,” “Kiva Kuki”, “Sukuma”, “Nvawo Nawe”, “Kawoonawo”. “Onyambanga”, Nalo. Twala Ebyange, Bumper ku Bumper and so many others. We salute and celebrate her music career today, tomorrow and forever.

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