Meet Mbarara’s Hottest Model, Daphine Tusiime

Meet Mbarara’s Hottest Model, Daphine Tusiime

We have reached that time of the week again. I do believe our first, make that second time in 2015 to bring the chic of the week. As always, we like to celebrate Tuesday with some beautiful specimen of the finer gender, most especially so when she is celebrating her body on our behalf without so many clothes.2014-12-12-20-57-17-859

Meet Daphine Tusiime, one smoking hot sultry model melting guys at Mbarara University of Science and Technology (MUST). If you happen to go mental for hot looking girls like myself, well, then you too probably keep a can of bronzer spray by your bed as well.2015-01-12-18-29-28-286

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You never know when a pale lass might need an instant bronzing before happy happy fun time. Also, you’ll adore Daphine in the way that men adore women who are crazy hot and have extraordinary bodies. Yes, I know you know. Thank God It’s Funbags!2015-01-13-09-10-42-265

Facts About Daphine

She has a son and is currently dating someone special from a family of 4. Daphine is a student of Medical laboratory at Mbarara University of Science and Technology (MUST). “I love hanging out with friends and am a mixture of a Rwandese and Munyoro. I also take caution of looking after myself. I have worked on radio and looking forward to more bigger projects”,.PhotoGrid_1419762597343




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