Mbabaali rescues his voters

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The MP for Bukoto South constituency in Lwengo district Hon. Muyanja Mbabaali is a man of action when it comes to helping his constituents. 
When part of his constituency was hit by hailstorms which destroyed plantations and houses, Mbabaali didn’t wait for the government to act. He swung into action and rescued by giving them where to start afresh from.
“Earlier today I visited families whose plantations and houses were destroyed by the heavy down pour on Monday 2nd September, the damage was enormous. I gave out over 2000kgs of maize seeds to the villages of Busubi, Kirayangoma, Kyassoko, Kyetume, Kyekubula, Kaabagala, Ddegeya as we wait for food relief from the Ministry of Disaster preparedness,” Mbabaali said.

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