Loaded Suzana talks about her success

Loaded Suzana talks about her success

Loaded events promoter Suzana aka Mtc Numbers has revealed how she became successful. The Dubai based Uganda business guru said she attributes her success to her father’s advice with whom she grew up almost her entire life.



She said her father advised her to sleep less and work more “My father told me that I shouldn’t sleep and forget to look for what to eat tomorrow,” she said.

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One of Suzana's buildings under construction

One of Suzana’s buildings under construction

Suzanne also said that “for a long time now, people have been wondering and others asking how do I do it? Well here is the story behind my success; I grew up with my dad because my mum left when i was only one and a half years old. I stayed with my dad who took care of me and of the so many things he used to tell me about , was how tough the world is, and how I was  to survive in it.


In his own words he said, ‘my daughter a person who is understanding shouldn’t sleep and forget what to eat tomorrow’ so i took his advice and I sleep less, work hard. This leaves me awake most of the times as I put to use my common sense.”

Suzana's posh cars

Suzana’s posh cars

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