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Keyrah Minaj tells how she has overcome bullying for being chubby

Mr and Miss Inspiration Expendables launched

A few weeks ago, socialite and activist Keyrah Minaj formed The Expendables Group on Facebook.

After the group held their first contest, Mr and Miss Expendables, today she has launched a new contest dubbed Mr or Miss Inspiration.

To launch it, she used her bully story as an example. Being chubby and cheeky, she has always suffered bully from friends and other people. Below is her story;

Hi i am Keyrah Minaj, i have always been chubby, with cheeks and I was ok with it till people started making me feel bad about it. My worst experience was when someone posted that I had lost my marriage because of my looks and size. I would scroll past posts abusing me and cry hoping God would see me through. I got many messages from people telling me how they are proud of me and that I shouldn’t give up on life. I have been picked up on many times because of my weight but at the same time i have been loved because of my size. What I learned is not everyone will like you and that’s ok.

At the end of the day it’s how you see yourself that matters. Love yourself a little more and be good. One day we shall win, please say no to bullying and inspire others so we can change people’s attitudes towards us together.

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