Kashari North Constituency, the man is here

Mr. Innocent Kabwisho has intensified his quest to become Kashari North MP come 2021 quoting  Thompson Jefferson’s words “Every generation needs a new revolution”.
“I cannot change the situation in Kashari North alone, I will need some help: And truly from my starting point to my destination, It takes the key of change which is let go of fear, Friends, The goodwill of strangers and a strong coxswain to guide them. I got the coxswain in me, drop the fear and we roll.
They always say that time changes things,But with God we actually have to change them ourselves. We are for God and for people,Not for money and parties,” Kabwisho said.
He went on to say he is the medicine that will heal Kashari from the disease she is suffering from. Here you with Team Kabwisho!!!

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