Justine Nameere gets neigbhours arrested for torturing their nephew

Television personality cum politician Justine Nameere has had her neigbhours get arrested for torturing their nephew. The Bukedde TV presenter acted swiftly this morning when she heard the voice of a child being beaten in the neighborhood. She was shocked when she reached and found a group of people starring at ladies torturing their nephew who was left in their care by the mum.

Justine Nameere has acted swiftly to save neighbour child from torture
Justine Nameere has acted swiftly to save neighbour child from torture

This was at Njovu Close in Kiwatule. Joan and Sheila who were torturing the child have been arrested and a police case of child torture opened against them at Kiwatule Police. Nameere revealed this on her Facebook page as below

“There’s my neighbour who hit a child so bad that I was forced to run out of my bathroom to the child’s rescue. To my dismay I found about 6 other neighbours gathered outside that gate and many were saying “that child is beaten like daily, just get used”… I was like…WHAT?! Then my Help narrated several episodes of that child being tortured. I immediately got Police to intervene and arrests were made. The boy’s body was swollen and full of scars. We later found out that this boy’s mother died while giving birth to him, the father died due to a nervous shock on getting the news and the relative who took him on is abroad on “Kyeyo”. She sends money for rent, bills, etc for the house where this child lives with his other relatives who torture him. We have followed up the issue up to the boy’s school and details are unpleasant but we shall do everything to secure a violence free childhood for this child. Point is do not ignore violence against children in your neighbourhood. Your intervention might save a child’s life and future. And also disciplining children is a given but torture e.g terribly beating up a child is evil and illegal! Thanks to Kiwatule Police. Alluta Continua!,” Justine Nameere posted.

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