Juliet Zawedde donates $10k to the needy

Entrepreneur and philanthropist Juliet Zawedde through her Juliet Zawedde Foundation has donated US dollars 10,000 to the needy groups in Uganda.

Addressing the public on her Facebook live yesterday morning, the golden hearted boss lady said she has set aside that money to help those in need especially children and pregnant women.

Zawedde is in the process of vetting a person who can be assigned that Money and who will able to spend it on the purpose it is meant for.

The humanitarian is already helping a number of people including paying school fees and looking after later Ronald Sebulime’s 4 children. She has also helped a number of people who needed urgent money for treatment. She is looking after some total orphans who she is trying to adopt. The general public has heaped praises on her for the good heart.

Zawedde also called on Ugandans and all her friends back in the US who have to share with the needy.

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