Johnnie Walker Race Sundays take over Kampala

Johnnie Walker Race Sundays take over Kampala

At some point, Sundays in Kampala were known for brunches and chilling at one’s favorite spot.

However, things are fast changing, there is a new social phenomenon that has taken over Kampala Sundays; the Formula One Johnnie Walker Race Sundays.

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The support for Formula One is gradually becoming a thing on Uganda’s social calendar.

This was evident on Sunday during the season-opening race, the 2022 Bahrain Grand Prix, that saw petrol heads and party people take to Gardens in Najjera and Alchemist Bar in Bugolobi, to watch the race proceedings.

The sport that doubles on fast cars with some of the biggest brands like Ferrari and Mercedes, is fast gaining popularity, and is widening its spectrum from the once older elitist demographic to include the currently younger, modern, elite corporate class.

Johnnie Walker has partnered with Alchemist, Bugolobi and Gardens, Najjera to “fuel” the race Sundays. The first race weekend was nothing short of cocktails, barbeque and of course whisky, with a Johnnie Walker happy hour that went on till the finish line.

Ferrari took the day with Charles Marc Leclerc winning the Bahrain Grand Prix, while teammate Carlos Sainz came second, and crowd favorite Louise Hamilton finished third.

Jonnie Walker ensured the fans enjoyed the action on four giant screens, complete with live commentary.

The fans other other hand, were seen clutching their whisky glasses and cocktails hard with hope that their favorite driver would make the finish line as the winner.

Away from the action on the screens, guests were treated to amazing Johnnie Walker bottle offers plus a barbeque and highball combo experience that focused on grills that are a delicious pairing for whisky.

Johnnie Walker Brand Manager Christine Kyokunda, said that putting the brand at the forefront of activities like the Race Sundays, is one of the avenues to deepen consumer engagement.

“We want to make sure our consumers constantly engage with the brand in the different spaces that they love and spend time. Formula One is a sport many of our consumers love, so we thought it best for Johnnie Walker to add some flavor and give them a much better experience as they enjoy their race moments,” she said.

With 22 race weeks left on the Formula One calendar, and with Johnnie Walker on board as a Race Weekend partner, it is safe to say that Formula One enthusiasts should brace themselves for a series of exciting race experiences.

The Formula One action returns on March 27th with the Saudi Arabia grand prix.

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