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Jean Kemigisha talks about her teaching experience and what she has achieved

Jean Kemigisha is professional teacher who plies her career at Rwentanga Agricultural College in Mbarara as an English teacher. She told Showbiz Uganda about her teaching experience. While others try to despise the teaching profession, it’s not the same with Jean.

Jean Kemigisha has fallen in love with teaching
Jean Kemigisha has fallen in love with teaching

Sexilicious and saucy Jean who has been teaching for two years now, says it wasn’t easy for her at the beginning but later enjoyed the profession. She is currently pursuing master’s degree in education and hopes to hold a PhD very soon.


Jean says teaching has taught her how to save money since the salary is not big enough and has also imparted confidence in her.


More so being a teacher earns you respect in the society, you get to once in a while rub shoulders with very important people and It’s the only job that gives one enough time to rest, do other things like business, farming and also keeps you updated.


She went ahead and informed us that in her free time, she does farming back home. She has urged the youth not to despise the teaching profession and that they should look at how it has changed her life.



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