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Janet Mbugua headlines Victoria Rubadiri’s “A Girlfriends Confidential Talk”

As women’s history month comes to a close, Victoria Rubadiri hosted Janet Mbugua at a special edition of A Girlfriends Confidential Talk.

Hosted at the Trademark Hotel in Village Market, the event saw a packed house, with over 1,100 women in attendance to discuss how they can find, use, and leverage their voices in order to enhance their livelihoods.

“I built my formidable career through having mentors in the workspace, and being deliberate on mentoring next generation. I encourage you to read more books by “Incredible women” who have faced and broken down barriers,” Janet Mbugua said.

The media personality also named Unbowed by Wangari Mathai, Becoming by Michelle Obama, We’re Going To Need More Wine, by Gabriel Union and I know why the caged bird sings by Maya Angelou as some of the best sellers that have shaped her world view.

Janet also encouraged the audience to dismiss the naysayers as they journey to find success and empowerment.

She said, “I have been built by both male and female mentors. I have also equally been ‘brought down’ by both male and female colleagues in the workplace. There is no hard and fast rule that men will break you down and women will build you, or vice versa. It’s about finding your place, seeking out mentors, and those with the right mindset will build you.”

Speaking about being part of the talk, Janet said, “I’ve mentioned this a few times this year, that I’m just not in a space where I want to pour from my cup, which I’m slowly filling up. But yesterday was special because I got to connect with many of you and hear about your own concerns, insecurities and triumphs. It was refreshing and necessary!”

Janet thanked her host Victoria Rubadiri and fellow panelists who included Mercy Maroma, as well as Joy Doreen Biira who shared some nuggets of wisdom.

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