Interested in Play-to-Earn Crypto Gaming? Attend this Free Binance Masterclass

Interested in Play-to-Earn Crypto Gaming? Attend this Free Binance Masterclass

Binance, the world’s leading blockchain ecosystem and cryptocurrency infrastructure provider, is organizing a free GameFi masterclass for blockchain enthusiasts across Africa.

GameFi, a fusion of the words “game” and “finance”, combines cryptocurrency, blockchain, NFTs, and game mechanics to create a virtual environment where players participate and earn money in the process.

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Interest in GameFi continues to skyrocket and Binance is providing the education, resources and tools beginners in Africa require to thrive in the space as it continues in its mission to drive blockchain adoption.

Register HERE to attend Location: Binance YouTube Date & Time: March 18, 2022 at 5pm WAT

In this edition of the masterclass series, Binance will be joined by industry experts to discuss play-to-earn gaming, understand the implications of GameFi and how to participate in this disruptive market.

These experts are members of the following play-to-earn blockchain gaming companies:Metaverse MagnaAfriguildGamic GuildRecently Binance NFT launched an Initial Game Offering platform, providing users with the opportunity to enjoy early access to exclusive in-game NFT assets from different gaming projects. Attendees will learn the process of launching or purchasing IGO collections.

In this masterclass, attendees will also:Discover some of the powerful applications of GameFi Understand the concept of IGOsLearn about the gaming guilds present Understand how to play-to-earn on the blockchainTo date, Binance has educated over 500,000 Africans about crypto & blockchain via its Binance Masterclass Education Series which launched in 2020.

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