‘I was used and dumped like a condom’ – MC Kats

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Celebrated city MC accuses the Rich Gang of exploitation

City social events MC and NTV Xposed presenter MC Kats is not a happy man at all. He has accused the Rich Gang boss Ivan Semwanga of using and then dumping him like a condom. Kats said he introduced the group to fame and that all they did was to pay him nothing.

MC Kats has accused Rich Gang of using him like a condom

MC Kats has accused Rich Gang of using him like a condom

They would make wait at Serena for hours and then just give 50k promising millions later which I waited all in vain. The MC voiced his anger on his social media page Facebook as below but most of his followers have said the sloppy writing is not befitting a man of his Caliber just Saying;

MC Kats has accused the Rich Gang of using and dumping him

MC Kats has accused the Rich Gang of using and dumping him

“I hate putting my issues on social media but am just too screwed and can’t end up like a condom. Four years back i met this hungry man for fame called Ivan Semwanga aka Rich Gang boss through my old time friend Zarinah Tlale. He asked me how he could be famous and me being a graduate in journalism, i started the art and made him meet all media people who now still think i earn from him so much. It hurts I swear before My friend Charlie from Silk started doing their PR i did all the behind the curtains.. But they threw money as i was watching but not paid me apart from 50k will then will see you tomorrow crap. All of you have to know if it wasn’t for Zari none of these RGM would be known…but i did the behind the curtains after Zari. They promised me too much i think i could have bought A Lamborghini by now but i called, Whatsapped, mailed for all this time nothing. When they always left though Ivan once gave me 1m Zari times i picked it from kikubo next day three years ago but people think i have gained a lot from them, no am not diff from you who fits for money when they throw it.. Am not tarnishing but have kissed as.. for long they tell you come to Serena while you wait they can’t even buy you food and you are there for over four hours yet you work you do the plan crazy night. If they are not famous for money we made you believe they have money and if they do please show me one investment for them in Uganda, this is between me and Ivan and no one else. So am not ok when you see me with them no no and if i have debt will pay not from them will get it Like they said in Club Silk on reaped Jeans to give me 20m please if they ever i promise i will give 10m to charity… #idontneedfameamokalready,” MC Kats posted under his Facebook name Doro Kats llm

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