‘I was honoured to attend the 22nd Genocide Commemoration event’ – N0 1. Suspect Badman

South African based Ugandan/Rwandan reggae star N0.1 Suspect Badman said he was honoured to attend the 22nd Genocide commemoration event hosted by Rwanda High Commission and Holocaust Jewish community in South Africa.

Suspect Badman
Suspect Badman

The event was to honour lives of 800,000 Tutsi and some moderate Hutu who died in Rwanda during 1994 Genocide.

The event also celebrated other genocide victims all over the world especially in Kosovo.

The singer said he was invited by Rwanda Ambassador to South Africa Mr. Vicent Karega. The invitation comes after releasing his Genocide Commemoration song titled ‘Rwanda Nziza’


Meanwhile the singer’s latest song ‘Ghetto’ is doing well in Uganda, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Burundi, Zambia, Rwanda and other African countries.


Who is No.1 Suspect Badman?

No.1 Suspect Badman is a man, an artist, activist, and social commentator. He seeks to make music that reflects the social experience that our fellow comrades are experiencing in many parts of Africa. He is a proud African man, born in Uganda but of Rwandese descent and he takes great pride in my ancestry and background.

When did your musical journey begin?

I have always had a deep love and connection with music. Music has the ability to make you feel. Music is such an integral part of life, for every stage and phase one goes through, you can count on the music to speak to you. But I did not start to write and perform until four years ago. Sometimes it seems impossible to go for what you want and pursue your dreams, but I was sitting down one day and decided to just do it.

What have been some of your greatest accomplishments in the past four years as an artist?

As an artist, I must say I am truly blessed. In such a short time I have reached several milestones. I have shared a stage with international stars such as King Shango Campleton, Luciano, and Athony B. I also had the privilege of collaborating on a song with the ghetto President Bobi Wine called Ganyooke. The song was a massive hit, and it inspired me to keep pursuing music and to continue defining my sound.

What do you think makes No.1Suspect Badman unique or “special”?

Haha, I think it’s all about the messaging. There are thousands of musicians out there, reggae and dancehall is huge around the world but what it comes down to it is the messages that the music is able to produce. For me music should be a reflection of life and one’s experience. As a musician I have always drawn on my life. The first song I recorded was titled “Xenophobia.” As a East African living in Cape Town, it was really important for me. Over the last couple of years our people have started to turn on each other and have hurt one another. I felt moved to compose a song that reflected the pain that Xenophobia has left behind. We are Africans should stand united as one, and should move away from divisiveness. The differences that we see are not really there. We need to realize that the hate and distrust we have for one another was intentionally planted there by our oppressors.


Wow, those are some powerful words. What can you tell us about your latest release “Rwanda Nziza?”

The song is an homage to my native land of Rwanda. Like many of our people, I too lost family members and friends during the Rwandan genocide of ‘94. I lost 60 relatives. Through the song I was able to heal and forgive, although I will always remember and pay my respects to those who are gone. I hope the song is able to unite our people and fight off any ideas of division in our people.

What do you hope your fans get out of your music?

Hope. Inspiration. I want my music to unite, inspire love, as well as forgiveness. Nothing would make me happier than knowing that my music has awoken a consciousness in someone and caused them to be critical of the issues that we experience in our society today. Haha, but also, I want my music to cause happiness. If you listen to it and you start dancing, well that’s great!

What can we expect from No.1Suspect Badman in the future?

You can expect new videos and songs to drop soon. I am always working. Whether it’s composing or recording at the studio, I am always on my grind. I work not only for myself but for my fans. They’re the ones that continue to inspire me and push me. You can also expect a tour soon. I plan to be back in East Africa soon, and well you already know it’s gonna do down!

Enjoy Rwanda Nziza song right from here: http://youtu.be/Ji5mRFQ9zKo

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