I love My Hajji So Much – Faridah

Actress and singer Faridah Kuteesa aka DJ Farshee is in total love with her man Hajji Ismail. 

Faridah Kuteesa

The actress who was recently nominated in the category of the Best Actress for her roles in The Clan’s Wife and Village Girl films by Pearl International Film Festival awards 2014 woke up today dreaming about her recently wedded man Ismail and could not hesitate to express love for him on her social media page.

Faridah Kuteesa aka DJ Farshee

The Clan’s Wife is an upcoming film about HIV/AIDS pandemic in western Uganda during the mid ‘80s. After she woke up, her first thing she did was to post this lovely status update where she expressed undying love for him. “My man makes me happy, jolly and he is the man of my life, I love my babe”,.
Faridah Kuteesa: Yeeees he makes me happy, jolly he is the man of ma life I love you my baby. I love u, I love u, I love you

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