I can’t wait for my baby – Argatha Loswash

NBS Television presenter Argatha Loswash can not wait to emulate her mother’s genes into her baby. The Pundonor Magazine presenter said her mum passed onto her good genes and she wish she could passed them onto her coming child.

Argatha Loswash is expecting her first child soon

Argatha Loswash is expecting her first child soon

She is expecting her first child any time from now and posting on her social media plat form, Loswash said she can not wait to share those good genes the mum gave her with her own children. [adrotate banner=”3″] Argatha has already her left work place station where she presents the entertainment magazine ‘Pundonor Magazine’ for her maternity leave. A new presenter has taken over to present the program in her place. “My mom passed on some really good genes can’t wait to share them with my own.Damn!,” she posted.

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