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‘I am reforming because of my people’ – Don Zella

Socialite and entrepreneur Nalongo Don Zella has said she is reforming in 2018 because of her people. The US based Ugandan socialite who kicked off her charity under her new arm Gal Power after hosting the first event to raise money on 21st December 2017 at Club Play said, a lot of people showed her love during the festive season as she moved around doing charity work. And that matter i want to reform, she said.

“2018 I am reforming because of the people who have showed me love and hope, those who have believed in me when no one did… GAL POWER 20th Dec, Gal,” Don Zella posted.

In related development, Don Zella will pay school fees and meet other needs for one Jawuhala. “Meet my first daughter Jawuhala in Zella Kids Foundation I just meet her today for the first time I handed over her school fees & i will be helping in whatever needed to raise her with her mum together we can she is in P6 GAL POWER the voice to the voiceless,” Zella Posted.

Nalongo Don Zella is also set to build houses for two homeless families as part of her Gal Power charity work.

“I call upon you all my friends and supporters let’s build this family a house ‘bambi’ I have 2 families I can’t do it without you, let’s work together we make a change through the voice of GAL POWER,” Don Zella.

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