Huawei CloudLink Board Wins Two iF DESIGN AWARDS 2019

Huawei CloudLink Board Wins Two iF DESIGN AWARDS 2019

Huawei CloudLink Board of Enterprise Communications recently won this year’s iF Design Award, which is known as the “Design Oscar”. The winning product, all-in-one Collaborative Telepresence—CloudLink Board, won two awards in recognition of its light, elegant, all-in-one design; minimalist appearance, various product highlights, and a unique emphasis on “the 3E’s”: efficient, empower, and emotional.

CloudLink Board is an intelligent collaborative videoconferencing endpoint. It integrates videoconferencing, interactive collaboration, wireless projection and other functions. Through voice control, intelligent broadcasting, facial recognition and other artificial intelligence technologies, CloudLink Board provides staff with a brand new meeting experience, one that is intelligent and collaborative. CloudLink Board will lead videoconferencing into an intelligent era.

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CloudLink Board adheres to a minimalist, user-friendly design that emphasizes an experience that is effortless, and interactions that are natural and efficient. With its user-friendly appearance, it blends in easily with modern office environments.

CloudLink Board inherits the concept of 3E, efficient, empower, and emotional, in software interaction design. Based on a foundation for interactions that are effortless and efficient, CloudLink Board adds multiple content sources and a design that moves you, a design that empowers participants to communicate in a way that is highly-efficient and enjoyable.

Huawei has engaged in the enterprise communications field for nearly 30 years, exploring innovation of future digitization and intelligentization. In the light of great practice, Huawei has developed the new generation of CloudLink Enterprise Communications solutions to help enterprises achieve digital office space, intelligent working mode, and industrialization production enabling.

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