‘How my fellow teens can cash in during lockdown’ – Mbabazi Collin

Global pandemic, panic, cut hours from work, i can’t relate why? Because i have been working from home everysince. It all began with a single question my parents always posed …. “you are always online but what have you ever gained? 3 years ago i couldn’t answer that question but as of April 2020 when everyone is trying to find work online don’t even try me its thousands of dollars and i didn’t even need a degree ( dont get me wrong stay in school ) . My reason for all this is to inspire someone out there to get out of there comfort zone and follow their dreams.

First off am a lifestyle blogger . I own Martson magazine were i blog about fashion, grooming and living with a monthly count of 5000 article views . I do have an online store martson store ( which sells airpods and airpod cases and ships worldwide ( use code FUCKCOVID ) for 30% off. These i ran on my tablet or even phone sometimes and just incase am at school i even use the school lab and they make sure i secure $300 at least monthly from ads put on my blog and orders from my store . I have not included the $400 worth of products i receive from brands often to make reviews for them and promote there products to my 4000 instagram followers and blog readers. Meanwhile to be able to cash in online you don’t need to be a blogger if your lets say the person your friends and even strangers ran to to get the latest news in sports,beauty,fashion ,fitness or even tutoring you have a great future in the online work module. As i was saying you don’t have to be a blogger as i am , some people hate writing like duhhh..then be a youtuber and share what you know best with the world. I mean a 7 year old made over 6million dollars from YouTube last year. (This could be you but your lazy or shy to pick up your camera). If you are camera shy try opening up a podcast (most of us are noise makers now why not be paid to paid for it ). You could even open a website and tutor kids math on there….for a pay since school is pretty much done for this year. At a time where Uganda’s economy is 80% face to face interactions only online businesses are thriving through this lockdown even worldwide and you to can join in on the fun. Just be you, do what you love and never give up. @iam_collinm 💛

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  1. Thank you for the advice Collin ❤️ you’ve helped me to answer some of the bugging qtnz this is exactly what I need I want to become a lifestyle influencer like Kylie Jenner and make mob money from Instagram…..and I also own my own blog😏PS .am your og from eec <>

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