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Celebrities and Their Tempting Pictures

We have gathered some crazy pictures some of our celebs post on their social media pages to attract attention of their fans. Celebrities of course are no strangers to posting pictures but for these, they are tempting. Enjoy!

Hellen Lukoma

Hellen Lukoma is the number one culprit in posting raunchy images, this time she posted when her breast is popping out and then again, she posted another picture in raunchy outfit with Leila Kayondo who is also no stranger to such pictures.Leila Kayondo and Hellen LukomaLeila Kayondo and Hellen Lukoma

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Sharon O went a step further by revealing her thigh power and we can bet it has caused massive rioting downstairs of her followers and fans.Sharon OSharon O

Liane might not be doing musically but she has not failed to serve her fans optically by posting her picture in a short dress opening up her things.LianeLiane

Brenda Nambi, yes we love pictures. At this rate she might one day post a picture of her completely naked. In this picture, you can see her smooth road to her goodies.Nambi BrendaNambi Brenda

Priscilla Ray
When it comes to sexy pictures, she knows how and when to show them off. Most of her pictures she posts, she is always in bikini sunbathing.Priscilla RayPriscilla Ray

Linda Kweronda
Her hand only saved this socialite otherwise, she be would showing us her goods.Linda KwerondaLinda Kweronda

Maria Kasozi
For this upcoming singer, she has chosen the best way to advertise her music. With her bra out as well as thighs, we are sure people will run to have a piece of her music CD.Maria KasoziMaria Kasozi

Marion Ateenyi
Her face looks innocent but when you look at how she pulled off her thigh in the picture then you ask yourself what she was trying to show us. May be a little bit of her wetlands.Marion Ateenyi aka Queen MarionMarion Ateenyi aka Queen Marion

Zari Hassan
She has never chickened out to show off her body whether to her children or public. She always posts her sexy pictures, which cause temperature soaring among her fans.Zari HassanZari Hassan

DJ Farshee
The singer who doubles as an actress confessed that she is naughty. She posts pictures showing her thighs and boobs all the time.DJ FarsheeDJ Farshee

Pretty Katende
The ‘Deception’ actress is well known for her big boobs but this time she pushed them up, posed for the picture and posted it.Pretty KatendePretty Katende

Desire Luzinda
She knows how to play her fans. She posted a picture showing her back and behind things. She truly looked so sexy and the picture teased most of her fans.Desire LuzindaDesire Luzinda

Asma Uwase
the model posted her picture in bikini on a boat cruise showing her hot body. She looked stunning and both her male and female fans salivated over the picture.Asma UwaseAsma Uwase

Melisa Kassami
Many guys liked her pictures she posted on her social media page. It caused scrotal erections.Melisa KassamiMelisa KassamiGrace NakimeraGrace Nakimera

She posted a stunning picture of hers showing off her sexlicious thighs. Its a hit on her page with many commenting praising her hot body.

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