Gulu’s party lovers get a dose of Zex the star and Tusker Lite Street Rave experience

Gulu’s party lovers get a dose of Zex the star and Tusker Lite Street Rave experience

Known for their fun party turnups, premium beer brand, Tusker Lite took their Street Rave experiences to northern Uganda where party animals were treated to an exciting lit night with Zex Bilangilangi, the party king.

Revellers who had gathered at Kweyo Village Shoppers, Gulu had a fun-filled night with DJ Unique Emma and Bilangilangi as the main act of the night who entertained guests for close to an hour with a nonstop energetic performance.

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The Nalinda crooner understood the assignment as he cooked up a dance storm effortlessly by performing many crowd favourites like Ntya, Ratata, Number Emu and so much more.

Aside the amazing entertainment acts, revellers also got a chance to Turn On Their Lite and got immersed into the world of Tusker Lite, a vision by the brand to celebrate the spark in their consumers.

“It is important that we continue bringing this experience to our consumers. We want to celebrate who they are as they continue to break boundaries and reach new heights with their dreams and passions,” stated Tusker Lite Brand Manager, Elizabeth Mutamuliza.

Guests indulged in the different Street Rave experiences that included Virtual Reality games, basketball and fashion, which in turn had rewards like Tusker Lite-branded items for those who participated.

The Tusker Lite Street Rave experience is part of the brand’s expressive Turn on Your Lite campaign, which celebrates the uniqueness of individuals; those who are pioneering a lifestyle without limits and breaking boundaries and continues to deliver its exclusive experience to its consumers across the country.

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