JAKANA, KCCA in fake 1Bn Land Deal Scare as Elderly Widow Tables Caveat

JAKANA, KCCA in fake 1Bn Land Deal Scare as Elderly Widow Tables Caveat

By Our Reporter

Mrs Edith Jakana the elderly mother of businessman Jakana has tabled fresh evidence indicating she had placed a caveat on land the son fraudulently sold to Kampala City Council Authority ( KCCA).

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According to the old woman’s lawyers, that caveat is still intact todate yet KCCA continues to insist it bought a clean Title.

But basing on the fresh evidence, the old woman contends what Jakana sold to KCCA was nothing but hot air.

The case has now sucked in the commissioner of land registration. The widow wants the commissioner to be summoned to explain to court how he was able to issue a Title to KCCA at the time when her caveat was still present on her mother Title.

She rejects KCCA’s and Jakana’s assertions that she was served through her postal office box number asking her to go to the commissioner of land registration’s office to show cause why the caveat she had placed on the shouldn’t be removed.

She wonders how if her caveat was removed from her mother Title , as it is claimed, it is still again present there.

Following the fresh revelations by the widow, the deputy registrar of the high court’s land division, Agnes Alumu has set June 1 this year for her lawyers to formally apply for the commissioner’s appearance.

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She wants the commissioner to produce the White page of the Title to show whether if her caveat is still there.

And if it is no longer there, she wants the commissioner to explain under what circumstances it was removed and while it’s still present on her own copy.

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