Funaride App launches to the public, its transport solutions provider that offers online carpooling services

A new mobile app aimed at easing transportation in the city has been launched, we can confirm. 
The Funaride is an online Carpooling App that connects private car owners to passengers in the neighborhood heading to the same direction/destination.
According to the App proprietor Susan Mugyenyi, “As a young woman who drives a vehicle often, I found it quite challenging to fuel, service and generally maintain it comfortably while doing personal development. When I shared with a few of my friends, we all realized we had similar struggles including the desire to park the vehicle and use other means which are usually costly and inconvenient! As such, i thought of an idea to develop an App to help people like my friends and I to hook rides in our neighborhood heading to the same/similar destination, and if we are to drive, we can also offer rides at a minimal fee to people in our neighborhood heading to the same direction,”.
This car sharing App has a number of positives and these are;
As a car owner, you are able to turn your empty seats into cash that lessens your vehicle expenses and also make some side money.
On long journeys, you are able to have company and also expand your network.
Promotes good neighborliness as you either offer a ride or hook a ride with neighbors and colleagues hence cementing your relationship.
Using a private car, you are secure hence you can be able to complete a project on your laptop enroute.
The App is secure since travelers can view each other’s details hence already know themselves virtually.
Sharing available vehicles also reduces on traffic jam as the number of vehicles reduces.
The App has been operational for two months so far, it was uploaded for public in August and so far it has over 700 sign-ups.
The App also enables the users to program their travel by scheduling their journey plan and connecting available drivers to passengers in their neighbourhood heading to a similar destination within same time frame.

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