Fresh Dairy’s long life UHT Milk gets a refreshing new look

Same Freshness, New Look

Fresh Dairy, the leading dairy products producer in Uganda has this week revealed a refreshing new look for its Fresh Dairy Long life UHT milk (ESL: Extended Shelf Life).

The upgraded Fresh Dairy Long life UHT milk (ESL) packaging is designed to heighten customer product experience in terms of better quality, ease of identification while ensuring that the constantly changing consumer trends, tastes and preferences are met, which will in turn drive further growth for the brand within the Ugandan market and beyond.

Vincent Omoth – Marketing Manager Fresh Dairy said, ‘Fresh Dairy Long life UHT milk continues to be popular for its 90-day shelf life, no need to refrigerate and affordable competitive price of 18,000UGX for a 500ML pack carton of 12 pieces, which is 1,500UGX per piece.

Fresh Dairy’s Long life UHT milk offers convenience to consumers because for 3 months, one can stock up a carton or more and not worry about back and forth trips to the shops, or even be caught up in the morning and evening rush time.

This implies that even families that don’t own fridges can still feel comfortable buying and stocking up Fresh Dairy’s Long life UHT milk (ESL: Extended Shelf Life) in their homes.’

Further still, the Fresh Dairy Long Life UHT milk is renowned for its unique fresh taste of milk, it’s a ready-to-drink, has culinary benefits such as being an ingredient for Tea, Coffee, add into cereals, mandazi’s, chapattis, cakes among others. It is also full cream and nutrient rich with Energy, Carbohydrates, Protein, Fat and Calcium among others, crucial to support the body with essential nutrition.

Omoth added that Fresh Dairy has invested heavily in the Fresh Dairy Long life UHT milk re-brand with the aim of increasing easier brand visibility and generating non-quivered consumer demand through having 2 pack sizes: 500ML and the new 200ML available countrywide at any of your nearest outlets. Much as we have a loyal customer base, innovation is key in attracting new consumers and ensuring that the varying constant customer preferences are met.’

Fresh Dairy is a progressive family brand that is constantly improving ways of attaining better consumer experience for our products. The new Fresh Dairy Long Life UHT milk pack design not only gives the brand an improved on-shelf standout but also emphasizes product harmonization with Fresh Dairy flavoured yoghurt which ensures convenience of product identification for consumers and retailers, noted Omoth.

Omoth said, ‘At Fresh Dairy, we work with over 30,000 small and large scale dairy farmers, from whom we source the milk we use in our products every day, which makes the newly rebranded Fresh Dairy Long Life UHT milk 100% Ugandan. The income that the farmers earns from the milk supplied to Fresh Dairy supports in improving their respective families’ livelihoods. With heightened sales anticipated from the new Fresh Dairy UHT milk, farmers will benefit even more because of increased milk demand.’

Omoth assured customers of guaranteed supply because Fresh Dairy is working with our countrywide extensive network of distributors, agents and retailers to ensure that our consumers can access the new Fresh Dairy’s Long life UHT milk (ESL: Extended Shelf Life) pack countrywide in Shops, Duukas, Supermarkets, Kiosks and Tricycle agents.

Consumers are also encouraged to place home delivery orders Monday to Saturday, 8am to 5pm by simply calling customer care toll free on 0800100020/21 or WhatsApp 0715744664.

Omoth concluded by calling upon all consumers of the new Fresh Dairy’s long life UHT milk (ESL: Extended Shelf Life) to remember to store it at room temperature, away from direct sunlight and off the ground for the entire 90 days since it doesn’t require refrigeration. Once opened, refrigerate between 4 degrees to 8 degrees Celsius and consume within 3 days.

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