Frank Tumwebaze Reacts To Amama Mbabazi’s VOA Interview

The Minister for Presidency and Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) Frank Tumwebaze has continued his reactionary status to any of Amama Mbabazi’s comments. This time around he has come up to react to the former Prime Minister, who is vying for country’s top job interview’s on Straight Talk Africa broadcasted on Voice Of America (VOA). The interview was conducted by senior journalist and presenter Shaka Ssali.Frank TumwebazeFrank Tumwebaze

“He contradicted himself on many things and was defensive. For example he advocated for decency in our politics but yet within the same show exhibited the highest degree of intolerance when he ranted at one of the callers one Rwakakamba for asking him a critical and logical question. I wondered what had happened to a man always credited for composure and sobriety.Amama Mbabazi has declared his intentions to run for presidency next year

Amama Mbabazi has declared his intentions to run for presidency next year

In addition, his narrative of being a new face to lead UGANDA from the old generation to a new one was also not convincing and actually laughable. First he doesn’t stand any generational advantage against President Museveni. Secondly, he does not advance any new robust ideas that indeed portray him as a positive reformist. He only talks of consolidation. Yet his opening remark on the show, saying that why should a leader who came from nowhere, not believe that others also can come, was the worst blunder he made in the whole interview.

To portray President as somebody who came from nowhere as if he doesn’t know his history and also trivialize the question of leadership was a turn off to many viewers. I could see his spin masters desperately struggling to explain it via social media with pain. But it’s good he is speaking and Ugandans continue to rate him on whatever he says!

Frank K Tumwebaze

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