Fish festival team, Directorate of fisheries meet

Fish festival team meets the Directorate of fisheries in Entebbe in preparation for the upcoming city fish Fest scheduled on 5th May Uganda Museum. The team pledges to work with the fish festival team to address issues of conservation & sustainable supply of fish & more so engage its partners to embrace the main objective of the event. The directorate team informed us that Uganda has over 100 fish species therefore very richly blessed and cause worthy celebrating. It was agreed that as Ugandans meet to celebrate this fish species diversity, they should equally remember their role in conservation and sustainable supply say not buying immature fish among other roles.

Cooking is all about people, food maybe the only universal thing that really has the power to bring everyone together no matter what culture, everywhere around the world people get together to eat!

Are you a fan of Fresh Fish Katogo Ekibbelo?? Let’s experience it at City Fish Festival at Uganda Museum on 5th May at Uganda museum.

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