Fine Art needs to be promoted in Uganda- Artists

Fine Art needs to be promoted in Uganda- Artists

A group of Fine Artist led by Amos Kalyesubula and Robert Ssekabira seek government help to promote fine art in Uganda.

According to the two artists, fine art is one lucrative business that only a few have embraced and others have looked at it in a negative way.

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According to Ssekabira, there are many opportunities that come with Fine Art and some of these are finances and getting to travel and meet new people. Well, for him, that is not enough as he wants art to fully be embraced in Uganda just like any other creative industries.

Robert Ssekabira

“Ugandans appreciate music artistes, comedians and actors but when it comes to Fine artists, we are still left out” Kalyesubula said.

The two have travelled the world in countries like Hong Kong, Australia, Kenya, South Africa, Russia, Italy and USA among others. They have sold many art pieces that have failed to get market in Uganda because they are not appreciated locally.

Art exhibition spaces in Uganda include Uganda Museum, Nomo Gallery, Margret Trowel at Makerere University, Sheraton Hotel, National Theatre Art Market and Crafts Village among others.

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