Finally Am Set To Pursue My Childhood Dream – Flavia Tumusiime

Sexy Capital FM presenter, Flavia Tumusiime is finally fulfilling her childhood dream of acting. The 26 year old radio and television personality is set to add the title of acting to her already exciting career. She is set to act in the new TV series ‘Beneath The Lies’ with its production starting soon.


Another local celebrity set to appear is Hellen Lukoma as per our information. Its shooting starts next month. Showbiz Uganda tracked her down for a quick one and below is her reply;

SU: What have you been cooking for your fans of recent?

Flavia: I want to go back to a dream i had started on in the past but got too busy to pursue, and that’s acting.

SU: That is interesting and looks like you have already started. Yesterday you revealed on your social media about your new TV series, tell us about it?

Flavia: Savanna Moon Productions the company that produced ‘THE LIFE” movie is back and they have a series titled ‘BENEATH THE LIES” the director Nana Kagga who by the way has amassed her own acting resume in Hollywood starring in CSI and many other great productions cast me for one of the lead characters and its quite the opposite of me and how people know me, this character will shock people and even the story line. We start shooting next month and will keep Ugandans posted all the way.


SU: Congratulations upon the acting role. Tell us about your career. What has made you successful?

Flavia: Am a successful TV and radio presenter having started my career over a decade ago on WBS TV as a teens presenter and am lucky to have evolved into radio as current host of the mid-morning show 10am-3pm weekdays on Capital FM and also a VJ for Channel O where am also in charge of research and scripting.


SU: Looks like you have a hectic career, how are you tackling it?

Flavia: You know what? By now everything is smooth for me, i have found a way of prioritising and i have time for everything. It takes focus but i also work with great people around me who make my life easy.

SU: What message do you have for your fans?

Flavia: I believe every success i have and who i have become is actually my fans, they have dared to believe in me, support me and even advise me, i probably have the most honest fans and am grateful for that. Thank you would be my message.


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